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Automate your business

Powered by botmaker 

We develop tailored and personalized products for each industry and necessity

Our services include three fundamental pillars

Explore new ways to generate more sales and automate customer service

Provide customer support with our multi-agent live chat module.

  • 100% automated attention

  • 100% Human

  • Hybrid

Live Chat | Bots

Connect with the platform or service you need through our API.

We offer customized solutions for your project.

Custom Integrations

Artificial Intelligence engine highlighted by:

  • Cognitive Interpretation

  • Natural language processing

  • Machine learning

Artificial Intelligence

Service channels

Easily connect a single or multiple bots and as many agents as you need to the following channels

Icons of channels and social networks

Automate your sales and improve your customer service

Experiences to grow your business

Increase your sales, improve customer service and generate quality leads through various channels simultaneously.

Generate more efficient sales

  • Send personalized messages proactively through WhatsApp.

  • Make your catalog of products or services known.

  • Provide information about your product or service.

  • Integrate a payment method for a complete experience.

  • Generate leads through a conversation.

Statistical graphs

Improve your customer service

  • Generates information automatically in an agile and efficient way.

  • Provides attention instantly and 24/7.

  • Create automatic responses to reduce repetitive work.

  • Measure customer satisfaction automatically.

Customer service

We answer your questions

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can tell you how you can use a chatbot to make your business more efficient

Callao 265 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

+54 9 11 3421-3579

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Thanks for contacting us!

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